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Verified Products

Our products are independently reviewed and verified by third-party partners, to verify authenticity.

Value For Money

Our integrated Value system ensures that you always unbox a product worth more than the price of your box.

A New Way To Shop

Our mystery boxes empower those who want access to great products  without the price tag of traditional retail outlets.

Huge Value! Why?

Everyday, large e-commerce platforms receive hundreds, if not thousands of returns every single day. As a result, space has become a commodity for these large businesses. As a top liquidation company, we have contacted these big e-commerce companies to assist them in clearing up their stock to free up more space for their new incoming products!

Why the huge value? Because the prices that you will pay, are for the same exact quality products, except perhaps with minor defects in packaging, opened boxes, or just unwanted by the customers at the time of purchase. 

By clearing the large quantities of products from their warehouses, we obtained them at such low rates, which will translate in terrific value for you! You can even choose to use them for yourselves, or better yet, sell them at higher value!

We can guarantee that every product is fully functional as of receiving them from these warehouses. 

Available During Limited Times Only!

As the process of acquiring large pallets are extremely time consuming, we only collect products bi-annually. The reason for this is also due to big e-commerce warehouses filling up, which often translates to a very low price for clearing the goods. 

Our pallets are not just great as a mystery, but it provides great cost-effective and investment value as you may choose to resell great products at a higher value if you see fit.

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What Is In Our Pallets?

All our pallets come in various shapes and sizes. However, the larger the pallet you choose, the higher your chances of getting larger and better things as well! Among some of the products that you will receive are such as:

Gaming Monitor

Gaming Chair





The value for every pallet is different. The size of the pallet and price of the pallet is directly proportional to the value of the pallet. The more you pay, the greater the value!

*We do not guarantee all categories to be represented in each order as the items will be randomized based on the size of each pallet.

Customers Reviews

Damon Beger (ign: c1ppp3r):

i'm really surprised by the goodies in this mystery box coz i've never imagined i would get a set of mechanical keyboard and mouse (steelseries quality)! totally worth the price and im gonna order 3 more for my egame teammates!

game played: Valorant, Overwatch

Michael M. (ign: Totifu4)

i got a pretty high end quality headset (Brand R*Z**) which is good for my training use and also the keyboard and mouse is absolutely stunning performance! I don't think we can get all these with this low price in the market!

game played: LoL, PUBG

Lauren Gr. (ign: Traxxz)

WHAT?! i couldn't believe when i first unbox this mystery box because of the quality and the quantity of the goodies inside it! come on, 59.99 for a full gaming sets? this is a total steal!

game played: Fortnite, Minecraft

Tyler Blr (ign: xCStrom)

i received 1 high end mouse (Brand R*Z**) and an OPTIX (Brand M*I)!! I must be the luckiest person in the world! now i can experience even better game play with the monitor!

game played: Battlefield, Call Of Duty

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